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Meaning "on the edge," in Hindi, Kinara was founded to bring exactly what you need: change. We've remastered the ideal spa, bringing a new level of efficacy and performance to an intimate setting that's anything but zen-by-numbers minimalism.

Many of our clients see improvements in their skin that once required doctor's orders. All can expect more than just feel-good fluffery.

We equip the world's best talents with the most powerful ingredients and innovative techniques. They do their best. Skin and hair behave their best. You look your best. And isn't that the ultimate in pampering?

Whether you find us on Robertson or online, expect an uncompromising level of efficacy and quality in all we do. Every product and technique has been honed to deliver the best and most brightening. The effects are immediate and on-going. Or it's not Kinara.

Welcome. And be ready to love how you look and feel.

Olga Lorencin Northrup

About Olga Lorecin-Northrup

As a renowned facialist and skin care expert, Olga Lorencin-Northup has spent years studying and perfecting skin, client-by-client, hour-by-hour, and pore-by-pore.

A native of Yugoslavia, Olga was classically trained in the European tradition. Rigorous regimens and timeless ingredients shaped attention to every detail.

Moving to Los Angeles, Olga worked in the prestigious Ole Henriksen salon where the ability to achieve immediate and long-lasting results for her clients soon captured the attention of Hollywood's most famous faces. Feeling the desire to share her skin care philosophy with even more people, Olga opened Kinara Skincare Clinic in 2001 and her product line was invented – in the treatment room, not the board room.

Combining old world recipes with cutting edge cosmeceutical ingredients resulted in a concise line of must-have products designed for the good of the skin delivering dermatological change with unapologetic pleasure.